As requested, Beacon Marine Services, LLC (BMS) will perform a pre-purchase survey of the subject vessel at the agreed time and location.  Please contact this office immediately if time or location changes.

The person ordering the survey is encouraged to attend the survey inspection and ask questions.  We will take the time necessary to explain all findings and the significance of them.

Written Report – BMS will prepare a written report of the inspection which we will send to you via e-mail within four working days of completion of the inspection, or sooner if prior arrangements have been made.  A hard copy will be sent by regular mail if desired.  If you want electronic copies to be distributed to anyone else, please let us know.  The report and information provided therein will be for your exclusive use and those lenders and underwriters considering financing or insuring the vessel for you, and is not transferrable to any other person or entity without prior written approval from BMS.  We guarantee that the report will be recognized and accepted by banks, finance institutions, and insurance companies.  If it is not accepted, a full refund will be given.

Survey Inspection – It is in everyone’s best interest to have the person in charge of the vessel to be surveyed, ensure it is clean and orderly, with batteries charged, water tanks filled, and all systems operational.  This will result in a more thorough survey inspection.  The vessel’s papers and all other pertinent information should be onboard for the inspection.  Any of the vessel’s systems that are winterized (toilets, engine, freshwater system, etc.) cannot be operationally tested unless arrangements have been made to have the systems commissioned for testing, and re-winterized, if appropriate, at the end of the inspection.

The inspection will be primarily a visual inspection, aided by non-destructive and non-invasive tools, instruments, and procedures where appropriate.  Due to the nature and construction of the vessel, not all areas and equipment will be accessible for inspection.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, the inspection will be conducted without removal of bulkheads, paneling, ceilings, or other portions of the vessel’s structure and without opening of propulsion machinery, auxiliaries, tanks, or fittings for internal examination.  Any dismantling and reassembly of items must be performed by qualified personnel, as pre-arranged by agreement of the vessel owner and person ordering the survey.

Wooden vessels (where applicable) – To determine the condition of hull plank fastenings, random plank fastenings below the waterline may require removal for examination.  Removal and replacement of fastenings must be accomplished by qualified personnel as pre-arranged by the vessel owner and person ordering the survey.

Haul-out – The vessel must be out of the water to inspect the bottom structure and underwater equipment, including running gear.  If the vessel is initially afloat, the owner or broker and buyer should coordinate the arrangements for the haul-out.  The buyer is responsible for the cost of hauling the boat, pressure washing the bottom if necessary, and launching the boat.  Due to the expense of the haul-out, it is usually best to plan it after we have had a chance to look over the entire vessel; we may find issues that cause you to cancel the deal.  The haul-out can often be scheduled just before lunch so the boat can be left hanging in the slings during the yard’s lunch break.  That is usually long enough for a thorough bottom inspection, and avoids having to block the vessel ashore so the yard can continue to use the travel-lift.  If the vessel is initially stored ashore, arrangements should be made with the owner to have the vessel launched for sea trial, and hauled back out, if that is agreed to.  Again, the person ordering the survey is responsible for the resulting charges.

Sea trial – This is the time the vessel and all systems will be operated.  The sea trial is best done after we have had a chance to thoroughly inspect the vessel, and is often done after the vessel is placed back in the water after the bottom inspection.  The owner of the vessel must provide an operator for the vessel; whether it is the owner himself or a licensed captain.  Other than a few minutes to check out the steering system operation and other items at the helm, we will be busy elsewhere on the vessel during the sea trial.

Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery – We will make a thorough visual examination of the propulsion and auxiliary machinery and listen for unusual noises or vibration, and will inspect for leaks or deterioration, but BMS will not warrant or guarantee the condition of the propulsion or auxiliary machinery.  It is recommended that a qualified mechanic inspect propulsion and auxiliary machinery prior to purchase.

Spars & Rigging (where applicable) – The spars and rigging will be visually inspected from deck level only.  Even a thorough inspection made from aloft may not find all deficiencies, thus offering the buyer/owner a false sense of security.  The only way to perform a thorough inspection of the rig is to have it removed from the vessel and disassembled.  If you wish to have this additional inspection performed, please contact this office as soon as possible so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Inspection Criteria – The inspection will be conducted using the regulations of the US Coast Guard, the voluntary standards of the American Boat & Yacht Council and the National Fire Protection Association, and generally accepted industry practices as guidelines.  The inspection criteria will be appropriate for pleasure vessels used in protected and coastal waters.  A survey for commercial or offshore use requires a more rigorous inspection of the vessel’s structures and a higher standard of equipment.  If a survey for commercial or offshore use is desired, contact this office as soon as possible so the necessary arrangements can be made and the appropriate fee determined.

Limitations of the Survey Inspection – We will conduct as thorough an inspection of the vessel as reasonably possible, however, due to access and time restrictions, a 100% complete inspection is not possible.  BMS cannot guarantee that all defects will be found.  If a more thorough inspection is desired, beyond that outlined in this agreement, please contact this office prior to the scheduled inspection date so that necessary arrangements can be made and the appropriate fee determined.

PLEASE NOTE:  Every reasonable effort will be made by BMS to provide an accurate report on the survey inspection.  However, all references and opinions stated in the report will be based upon conditions as they appear at the time of the inspection, or are reported to the surveyor when so noted, and do not constitute a warranty, either expressed, or implied, nor warrant the future condition of the vessel.

 Survey Fee – The fee for the pre-purchase survey inspection and report will be quoted during initial discussions, and is a per-foot charge based on the vessel LOA.  Payment is due at the time of the inspection in either cash, check (US funds), or major credit card.  If, for any reason, the inspection is terminated prior to completion, a fee based on a previously quoted hourly or day rate will be charged.  There is no additional fee for a sea trial of the vessel if that sea trial is conducted on the same day as the inspection noted above.  The person ordering the survey is responsible for hauling and/or launching charges; these charges are not included in the survey fee.

 Once you have retained our services, we work only for you, to protect your interests.

 Please contact this office if you have any questions or need additional information.

Thank you and we look forward to being of service to you!

Captain Joseph DeRemer, AMS

Beacon Marine Services, LLC