Beacon Marine Services provides practical and unbiased guidance and consulting services to the marine industry, with a team of experienced experts in the field.  Whether its project management, standards compliance, or safety management, Beacon Marine can help.

Standards Compliance

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) publishes over 70 voluntary standards and reports for the design and fabrication of boats and equipment.  It is up to each builder to understand and implement the standards in order to be in compliance. Beacon Marine Services has worked with designers and builders to help them understand the standards and incorporate them into their products.

As a past Assistant Technical Director of ABYC, Captain DeRemer has an intimate knowledge of the background and development of these standards.  He is also “Standards Accredited” by ABYC, attesting to his knowledge and understanding of the standards and relevant CFR’s (federal regulations).  Whether you are planning a major refit, or you are a “one-off” builder or a production builder introducing a new line of boats, we can ensure your boats meet current ABYC safety standards.  See Standards Compliance for more information on ABYC standards.

Project Management

Planning and managing the construction or major refit of a vessel takes knowledge, experience, and training.  We have the planning, technical, operational, and management skills to make your project a success.  See Project Management for details and some of Beacon Marine Services’ successfully completed projects.

Purchasing Support

If you are contemplating the purchase of your first boat or upgrading to a larger boat and would like guidance on what type of boat is right for you, or how to navigate the complex process of searching for, buying, and outfitting a boat, we have the experience to help.